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Since the very first legacy to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1855, gifts in Wills have been saving children's lives.

As a children’s hospital we understand better than anyone that loved ones and family come first in one’s financial plans, which makes the gifts we do receive so greatly appreciated.

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JM Barrie's gift of Peter Pan

Ever since JM Barrie gifted the rights of Peter Pan in 1929, Great Ormond Street Hospital has enjoyed a special relationship with the boy who wouldn’t grow up. Find out more about JM Barrie's legacy and his generous gift to the hospital.

Leaving behind a legacy

Everyone at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is hugely grateful to JM Barrie for his extraordinarily generous gesture, but it's not just world-renowned children's authors who choose to add GOSH into their Wills. We are truly grateful for the compassion of anyone who leaves us gift in their Will, whatever its value. Today’s legacy gifts will help us find better treatments and new cures for future generations of desperately ill children. 

Emma’s father was one of many former patients to leave a gift to Great Ormond Street Hospital in their Will. She paid the hospital a visit recently and saw how her dad’s legacy is providing crucial support to seriously ill children and young people at GOSH.

“It makes me feel immensely proud to see first-hand where my dad’s money – his legacy – is going. These children are poorly but they’re not unhappy. They’re all smiles. It makes me feel really nice to know that the legacy he left behind is helping those smiles."

Summing up her experience, Emma said: “I’ve realised that it’s not the huge donations that always matter. It’s the everyday people who want to make a difference in their Wills. That’s what’s going to keep giving those children back their smiles. My dad was a carpenter and he saved up his money. He was a normal person and he just wanted to help, and there’s nothing nicer than helping GOSH.

“I’ve lost my dad but I’ve gained something else. More than feeling sad for the poorly children, or amazed at the wondrous things the hospital does, knowing that he’s left something behind that’s going to help so many people makes me feel immensely proud.”

As a children’s hospital we understand that loved ones play a pivotal role in family financial plans, which makes the gifts we do receive so greatly appreciated. 

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