Friends Christmas Party - Elizabeth

Elizabeth is our most recent Friends reporter. She attended the Friends Christmas Party with her mum as our reporter for the day.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

On Thursday 15 December I went to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Friends Christmas Party and was lucky enough to be the reporter for the day. It was a lovely day and I met some wonderful people.

When I first arrived at the party, I met some lovely people who looked after me and made my day very special.

At the party I was very lucky to interview Freema Agyeman. She played Martha Jones in Doctor Who and has also appeared in Law & Order. She was a very comfortable person to be around. When I was interviewing her in front of the cameras, she made me feel confident as she was such a nice person to speak to.

The interview: Freema Agyeman

Friends Christmas Party with Freema Agyeman
Elizabeth with Freema Agyeman
The first question I asked her was: "Why do you support Great Ormond Street Hospital?"

She replied: "Supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital is the best feeling ever. Whenever I visit, everyone makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Families are very courageous!"

I then asked: "What is your favourite TV programme and why?"

She replied: "I prefer to watch reality programmes. It's not really good for me as I'm an actress and I'm told what to say. It's really funny in reality ones because you just say what comes in your head and there aren't any second takes." 

She then asked me what my favourite TV programme was. I said I like to watch soaps like Eastenders.

Next question: "If you had a tardis to take you somewhere, where would you want to go?"

She replied: "Most people would rather turn back time, but I would prefer to go to 100 years into the future."

My last question was: "What is your favourite thing about Christmas?"

She straight away said food, which is also mine! But she also said it's nice being with family and everyone on the street is always happy.

Freema is such a lovely lady and I was so grateful to meet her that day!

Competition winner

Friends Christmas Party - Friends reporter Elizabeth with Friends design a Christmas card competition winner Imogen
Elizabeth with Imogen
Before the party, Friends held a competition to design a Christmas card.

The winner was announced on the day of the party, and it was lovely to see Imogen's face when she was told she was the winner. Her card was absolutely stunning.

I would like to say well done to everyone who entered, you all did a fab job. Once again huge congratulations to Imogen!

On the day

There were lots of events at the party, including dancers and girl band, One Step Beyond. I also met Stavros Flatley from Britain's Got Talent. They were performing on stage and were very entertaining.

There were lots of amazing activities to do too, such as face painting, nails painting, photo shoots, toys, teddy bears, decorating cakes and cookies.

I have to say my mum and I really enjoyed decorating the cookies, and we would like to say thank you to Quentin Fitch from Searcys restaurant for providing the ingredients.

Special guest

Friends Christmas Party with Pixie Lott
Elizabeth with Pixie Lott
To my surprise, towards the end of the party someone so talented and beautiful turned up - Pixie Lott. I was so excited that she came to support the charity. She had her picture taken with lots of children.

As a reporter, I spoke to her boyfriend Olly Cheshire who was very pleasant to talk to. They both told me they were spending Christmas with their families then having a holiday in Mauritius after. They both enjoyed decorating a cookie.

I would like to say thank you to both of them for coming to the party. Olly had just flown back from a modelling job in America and hadn't seen Pixie for two weeks.


To sum up the party, I would like to say it was the best day of my life, meeting such lovely people and supporting such a worth while charity! FANTASTIC!

Elizabeth x