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A personal message

Louis' parents, Ruth Kennedy and Bruce Dundas, want to create the Louis Dundas Centre for Children's Palliative Care in their son's memory. Below, in her own words, Ruth tells us why.

"This project is hugely important to my husband, Bruce, our children and me, who witnessed first hand the unimaginable pain suffered by my son Louis.

Ruth Kennedy with her son Louis Dundas
Ruth with Louis

Louis' suffering

"Despite the very best care available and the skill and devotion of the remarkable team at Great Ormond Street Hospital, he experienced side effects from his illness – a brain tumour – which we believe no one, let alone a four-year-old, should have to suffer.

"Our friends and family were shocked to the core by the pain our little boy had to endure.

Palliative care

"Through Louis’ experience we discovered that paediatric palliative care is a hugely under-resourced area in the UK and in fact the world. 

"Research into paediatric pain management and palliative care is crucial.

"A combination of research, the clinical application of that research and the dissemination of findings will be the most powerful way to reduce the suffering of these children. 

Making a difference

"We aim to bring the attention and investment to children's palliative care that it sorely needs.

"It is my hope that by seizing this opportunity to establish the Louis Dundas Centre for Children’s Palliative Care to support the True Colours Professorial Chair at Great Ormond Street Hospital, my little boy’s suffering will bring relief to millions."

Ruth Kennedy, Louis' mother