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Max's bike ride

On 30 September 2009, Max Dundas with a team of friends and family, set off on their bikes from Trafalgar Square, London, destined for Paris.

Max Dundas and friends during the London to Paris challenge
Max Dundas, second from the left, with his team of friends during the London to Paris challenge

Over the next three days they cycled nearly 500km, down through Kent to the coast, crossing the English Channel, before heading through Northern France, finally arriving in Paris on the night of the
2 October. 

Personal challenge

For Max, the bike ride was not only an incredibly physical challenge, but a hugely personal one too.

Through their efforts, Max and his team raised over £15,000 towards the Louis Dundas Centre for Children's Palliative Care, set up in memory of his brother Louis.

Max's journey

Max said: "Over the course of our training, and as the set off date loomed, we all began raising money. Not for random charities, not to make ourselves feel better but for issues that we held deeply close to our hearts.

This wasn’t just a charity ride for any of us, all of the money that we individually raised went to causes that we had, and our families had, been deeply and personally affected by.

Raising funds

"For me it was raising funds for The Louis Dundas Centre. Perhaps it was wanting to do something throughout his illness when there is virtually nothing you can do. Perhaps it was being inspired by the strength of your family and in particular your father and step mother. Perhaps its wanting to show off. Maybe it was all of those things and many more.

"Most importantly though i know that the reason i did it was to help start something and to contribute to a cause that I believe is unique, needed and vital and above all is something that I know Louis would have thought was really fabulous." 

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