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The story so far

Octav Botnar
Entrance to the Octav Botnar Wing

The greatest redevelopment in Great Ormond Street Hospital's history is now underway to upgrade our oldest facilities to provide the world-class standard of care we seek to deliver.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of our redevelopment was completed in 2006 at a cost of £88 million, transforming the experience of children, families and staff who use the new facilities. 

This saw the opening of new clinical facilities, the patient and family hotel and improved outpatient facilities for some of our services within the neighbouring Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. 

Phase 1 has made an incredible difference, making it possible for us to provide the very best treatment and care for more children in spacious, comfortable surroundings. 

Modern facilities, the equipping of high tech services and the recruitment and retention of exceptional staff are vital investments in the health of future generations. 

These all help make Great Ormond Street Hospital the world-class organisation it is. 

Phase 1 of the redevelopment has given us a glimpse of our vision for the future.  

Morgan Stanley Clinical Building
Artist Impression of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the redevelopment is the creation of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre.  

Phase 2A

The first part, the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, was opened in June 2012 and has seen the creation of seven floors of state-of-the-art facilities, allowing the hospital to remain at the forefront of international paediatric care. 

Phase 2B

The second part of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre will see the redevelopment of the Old Cardiac Wing to create the Premier Inn Clinical Building. This will be another complex project as we will need to remove the top four floors of this ageing building and rebuild brand new facilities. This phase is due to be completed in 2017.

Phase 1

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Phase 2

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