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What's happening now and next

The Mittal Children's Medical Centre will have world-class facilities that embrace the latest technologies vital to the hospital's ability to make a real and long lasting impact on the health of children across the globe.

Redevelopment phases
Hospital site map (phase 2 in pink)

The Mittal Children's Medical Centre

We are currently in Phase 2 of our ambitious redevelopment programme. Phase 2A, the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building, the first part of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre was officially opened in June 2012.

Our next goal is to redevelop the old Cardiac Wing to create the Premier Inn Clinical building to complete the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre and deliver the hospital's vision of providing modern facilities for all our inpatients, where a parent or carer can stay comfortably by their bedside.

Progress to date

Phase 2B – the Premier Inn Clinical Building

The phase 2B enabling works have commenced and are progressing well.

We have also made significant progress with the design of the Premier Inn Clinical Building, and are continuing to engage with clinical staff and families to ensure the new facilities meet both the needs of staff and those of our patients and families.

The key milestones we are currently working towards include:

  • Going out to tender for a 2B contractor

  • Appointing a 2B contractor         

  • Opening the new paediatric angiography suite in spring 2014

  • Opening the new hospital main reception in spring 2014

  • Demolishing the old Cardiac Wing, which is due to commence in summer 2014

Phase 2B: Premier Inn Clinical Building                   

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Phase 3A: Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children

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