Collection boxes

Collection boxes not only help to raise vital funds, they also create awareness of our important work. Your small change can make a big difference.

Collection boxes at work

Last year, collection boxes in shops, offices and other local businesses helped us to raise over £70,000.

Why not order yours today by completing our request form?

  • Please provide your organisation's address, and not your home address.

  • If you would like to place a collection box in a local business, please ask an employee to complete the request form. 

Collection boxes at home

Did you know that as a country, we have £345 million in loose change in our homes, down the back of our sofas and in our cars? Order a collection box today and put your pennies to good use.

Collecting in public

If you are planning to collect on the street or any other public place please use our registration form to tell us about your collection in advance. There are a number of guidelines that you need to follow.

Please see our fundraising guidelines for further information. 

Returning your money

Once your box is full, sending in your donation is easy. You can either:

  • make an online donation

  • send us a cheque

  • pay the donation into our bank

  • drop the donation into our offices

All the information you need to do this will be included in your welcome pack.

How your money could help

  • £15 could pay for three neonatal masks to help newborn babies breathe.
  • £25 could pay for five special masks to help newborn babies breathe.
  • £50 could pay for one week's accommodation for parents to stay close by.