Frequently asked questions

All the answers to your frequently asked questions about the HAIRraising appeal, in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

Who can take part?

I run a college/training academy, can we take part?

Yes, we welcome everyone wishing to support HAIRraising.

I am an independent hairdresser, can I take part?

Absolutely, you can register your salon details with us and we can keep you up-to-date with all HAIRraising activity.

I work within the hairdressing industry but I am not a hairdresser, can I still support you?

HAIRraising is open to the whole hairdressing industry. To find out how you can support us, please call our HAIRraising team on 020 3841 3036.

I don't work in the hairdressing industry, can I still take part?

Yes, everyone is welcome to take part in raising funds towards HAIRraising. Encourage your local salon to take part or take part in our annual Ibiza Bike or Hike challenge.

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Fundraising activity

What can I do to raise money?

There are literally hundreds of ways you can help us to raise money. We can't list them all but our fundraising ideas and HAIRraising fundraising pack will provide you with a good starting point to help you decide what you and your friends/colleagues might enjoy doing.

I want to take part in a run/cycle/skydive or trek need some support?

You can do almost anything to support HAIRraising. We also hold an annual Ibiza Bike or Hike challenge which is solely raises funds towards HAIRraising.

Can someone from the hospital come and visit during our event?

We are delighted to support fundraisers events in any way we can. Unfortunately due to the size of the charity we are not always able to send a representative to each event. Please email the HAIRraising team with your request and we'll do our best to help.

I’m running a raffle, what do I need to know?

Small raffles can be held as part of a larger event. The ticket sales and announcement of results must be held during the event. No more than £250 can be spent buying prizes and no cash prizes can be given. Tickets should not be bought or sold by children under the age of 16.

There are strict and complex laws relating to raffles and lotteries which do not fall into this category. Full guidelines on raffles and lotteries are available from your local authority or the Gaming Board; these must be followed in full. For details please visit the Gambling Commission website or speak to one of our Fundraising team.

How can I cover the costs of my event?

Try to keep expenses to a minimum by approaching local companies to get goods or services donated.

Some events will require a bit of expenditure which you can cover with the money you raise. However, please make sure that you are aiming to raise at least three times as much as you need to spend (for example, if you spend £100 you should aim to raise a minimum of £300). If you are spending any money, keep all your receipts so that you can keep track of what you've spent.

What do I need to think about to keep my event safe and legal?

No matter what type of event you are planning, there will be legal and safety issues that you will need to consider. 

Risk Assessments: These should be conducted to ensure that you have proper plans for the safety of participants. Please visit The Health and Safety Executive website for further information on how to do this.

Supervision: You will need to ensure that your event is properly and adequately supervised. If children are included check that you have permission from their parents/guardians and carry out appropriate background checks if adult volunteers are to have unsupervised access to children.

Insurance Cover: Ensure that you have the appropriate insurance for your event. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity cannot accept any responsibility for your event nor for anyone who participates in it.

Special Licences: Check whether you need any. e.g. a public entertainment licence or licence to sell alcohol. Your local council will be able to help you with this.

Counting your money: Always make sure that there are two people present when counting any money raised at the end of your event.

I want to approach companies for prizes or sponsorship; do I need to tell you?

Local businesses are often happy to help with fundraising events in their area so we advise that you approach these first.

If you are approaching any national or international companies for sponsorship, prizes or auction items then please do let us know.

I would like to organise a collection for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, what do I need to do?

Unfortunately we cannot provide licences to individuals for public collections in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. If you would like to arrange your own collection in a public place you will need to contact the local council authority and apply for a licence.

Please note that the charity does not sanction house to house collecting.  

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My fundraising material

How can I get a fundraising toolkit?

Please complete the registration form and one of the HAIRraising team will be in touch with you and can supply all the materials you need.

I requested materials but have not received them yet - what should I do?

Please allow ten days from requesting your materials for them to arrive. If they have not arrived by this point then please email the HAIRraising team with your name and the name and address of the salon and we will organise for replacement materials to be sent.

How do I open the collecting tin?

Insert a suitable strong lever in the gap at the edge of the white lid. Push the lever down to move the lid upwards. Resistance will be encountered but the lid will pop off. Empty the contents and press the lid back onto the collecting tin; ensure that two people are present when counting the money. Make sure you then put a seal sticker back on top of the lid for security, please do let us know if you require more seals.

I need more materials - where can I get them?

Email the HAIRraising team and we will be happy to supply some more.

I have finished with my fundraising materials – can I return them to you?

We would be very grateful to receive the collecting tins back saving the charity money, allowing us to re-use them in the future. Please include your name, salon name and the address within the parcel and send your tins back to:

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity,
40 Bernard Street,

Can we promote our involvement on our website?

Absolutely! We would love for you to let the world know that you are participating in HAIRraising. Once you have registered with HAIRraising, we can provide you with a downloadable logo suitable for your website, please email the HAIRraising team to request this.

Can we use the HAIRraising logo on our fundraising materials?

If you are printing your own materials for events and would like to use the HAIRraising logo, please contact the team with details of your request and we would be happy to help.

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Sending us money 

My collecting tin is full - what should I do with the money?

Please empty the tin, count the money in the presence of a witness and bank the cash into your chosen bank account to hold the HAIRraising funds.

How can I collect sponsorship online?

If you are holding an event, you may wish to visit the JustGiving website where you can set up your own online sponsor form. When you are selecting your page in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, be sure to click on organised events and select HAIRraising from the dropdown list.

This page can be personalised with a picture and your own text. You can then email this link to everyone in your address book and ask them to forward it to everyone they know.

Will money raised on my JustGiving page be paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity?

We receive any sponsorship money which is given on JustGiving in aid of the Charity into our bank account on a weekly basis.

Can I claim Gift Aid on my donation?

The Gift Aid scheme allows us to claim back the tax paid on donations made by individuals. You can increase the money you raise by asking individuals who complete your sponsorship form to sign up.

Gift Aid can only be claimed on sponsorship and donations. Please note that we are unable to claim Gift Aid on ticket sales, raffle sales, corporate sponsorship, sale of goods or auction proceeds. We cannot claim Gift Aid on payments from companies.

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I have another question - who can I contact?

Please email or call us on 020 3841 3036.

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