Ellie the saviour

Twelve-year-old Ezara-Mai comes to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for treatment for juvenile dermatomyositis, a rare condition that affects her muscles and skin. She is also an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, helping to increase awareness of GOSH and the charity and fundraising to help other patients like her.

Ezara-Mai and her classmates recently wrote some stories inspired by the ward names at the hospital, which are named after animals.This week, Mirte tells us the story of how Ellie the elephant saved the day!

Once upon a time, there was a lost and lonely giraffe named Gemma trying to find her home and her loved ones. She was lost and taken from her family by a big and horrible earthquake. She ran away into the rainforest, extremely frightened.

In the morning, Gemma woke up with a spinning head. Adjusting her eyes to the bright light, she was shocked to see very different trees above her head and a scent of sweet smelling fruits instead of a dry and comforting smell.

She closed her eyes tightly and bit herself to check if she was dreaming or not. As she opened her eyes again she of course found herself in the same scary place. She got up and tried to be brave like her mother. She heard a rustle from above, and a nut fell on her head. She jumped and from above she saw a friendly robin flying down to meet her. The robin introduced himself to Gemma saying his name was Rubble and apologised for the falling nut. Gemma explained her dilemma to Rubble and he felt sorry for her. They started their journey the way they thought Gemma's home was.

On the way they bumped into an evil crocodile. They asked whether he knew where Gemma's home was. The crocodile put on his best smile but couldn't hide a smirk.

The crocodile led them to the way Gemma and Rubble thought was the right way to go, but to the crocodile, his tea. Suddenly Gemma and Rubble found themselves in a very awkward situation. They had, in each of the four corners, four licking lips and big green eyes and bodies, looking back at them. But then the saviour came – Ellie the elephant.

She might not have been big but she was really brave. Ellie splurged water at the four creepy crocodiles and screamed “go!” at Gemma and Rubble. The three of them ran away as fast as they could in order to escape from the crocodiles. Gemma started to get tired but then…

They found it! Gemma was back home!

Gemma was so happy to see her family again after the earthquake. Gemma's mother said to Gemma to ask Rubble and Ellie if they wanted to stay with them since they helped Gemma get back home. Rubble said yes straight away and made a big loop in the air but Ellie said she wanted to go back to her family too. So Ellie went back to her family who were somewhere in the rainforest trying to find something to eat. She got some water and splurged it at her family – they were very happy to see her again.

Five years later Gemma and Ellie met again, they were all grown up now. Ellie told Gemma she saved another 40 animals. They were friends forever, Gemma, Rubble and Ellie. 

Ezara-Mai is printing out the stories and collecting them into a book, which she will offer locally for a suggested donation to the charity. If you’re interested in raising money to help seriously ill children at GOSH, take a look at some of our fundraising ideas.