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Appointment of Architect for the Zayed Centre for Children’s Rare Disease Research

We are pleased to confirm that Stanton Williams has been appointed as the architect for the Zayed Centre for Children’s Rare Disease Research, and that other members of the design team, including structural and mechanical engineers, have now been appointed.

Researchers find gene responsible for rare condition that can lead to melanomas

The genetic cause of a rare condition which causes large moles to grow on the skin and brain before birth and which increases the risk of melanoma, has finally been identified in a study led by the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Why invest more in rare disease research now?

It is now recognised that rare diseases represent a considerable health burden, a fact that is attracting increasing concern both nationally and internationally. More work needs to be done to raise the profile and improve outcomes for people with rare conditions, as well as provide better support for patients and their families.