Phase 2B: The Premier Inn Clinical Building

The Premier Inn Clinical Building is the second of two new buildings that comprise the Mittal Children's Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Due to be finished in 2017, completion of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre will deliver the hospital's vision of providing modern facilities for all our acute inpatients, where a parent or carer can stay comfortably by their bedside. 

It will also enable us to keep up with the growing demand for our services and provide world-class care to more children.

What's in the building

The Premier Inn Clinical Building consists of seven floors and includes:

Surgery centre

The new surgery centre will provide modern inpatient facilities, together with additional state-of-the-art operating facilities. It will contain 48 inpatient beds and span Level 6 of the Mittal Children's Medical Centre (across the Premier Inn Clinical Building and the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building). 

The centre will provide inpatient treatment for babies, children and young people including ear, nose and throat (ENT), orthopaedic, general surgery and urology patients.

The new facilities will include:

  • Two integrated theatres which will facilitate both keyhole and open surgery, improving turnaround times between operations.
  • Two anaesthetic rooms that allow parents to stay with their child until they are asleep, in a child-friendly environment.
  • Post-anaesthetic care unit which will be alongside the theatres, housing a highly-specialist team of doctors and nurses who will monitor patients as they recover from anaesthesia.
  • A high-dependency area where the sickest children will be monitored by specialist nurses during the most critical hours after surgery.
  • Bed bays where longer-stay patients can recover alongside other children in a more social environment.
  • State-of-the-art facilities that record procedures, essential for teaching, sharing and developing surgical ideas and techniques with other centres in the UK and internationally.

Spacious bedrooms

The new inpatient wards will include spacious bedrooms and bed bays where a parent or carer can stay by their child’s bedside in comfort. For example, after the child returns to the ward, following an operation, their parent or carer will be able to stay with them overnight as each single bedroom contains a sofa bed and an en-suite bathroom.

16-bed isolation facility

A 16-bed isolation facility where children with immune system conditions or infectious diseases can be safely treated. This ward will treat patients with severe skin conditions (dermatology), inflammatory conditions or auto-immune disorders (rheumatology), or complex infections. Because these conditions often overlap, patients need the care of several expert teams. This ward will bring many experts together in one place, which is advantageous for patients and families. 

Post-anaesthetic care unit

A post-anaesthetic care unit where children can recover from procedures before being discharged home or to an inpatient ward.

We need your help

We still need to raise £20 million by 2017 to complete Phase 2B of our redevelopment programme. 

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