Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

GOSH Charity gender pay gap reporting.

About the report

All UK organisations employing 250 or more employees are required to publish their gender pay gap details each year. Although we have fewer than 250 employees, we have chosen to report our figures because we believe in openness and transparency. Read our full gender pay gap report

At GOSH Charity we have a diverse workforce. We have strong representation of women across the organisation, including a board of trustees that is equally represented with five women and five men. In welcoming our new CEO, Louise Parkes, in May 2019, our Charity executive team will also be equally represented with four women and four men. However, the fact that more of our entry level jobs are held by women than men and that we have a greater proportion of men in our highest earning roles means that our gender pay gap is not where we’d like it to be. 

We are working hard to redress this. We have made good progress on the actions we have committed to as part of our people strategy. We are committed to continue to build upon this work further to develop the most diverse workforce, champion gender equality and to reduce our gender pay gap.