Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

About the report

All UK organisations employing 250 or more employees are required to publish their gender pay gap details each year. Although we have fewer than 250 employees, we have chosen to report our figures because we believe in openness and transparency. Read our full gender pay gap report.

We have delivered on the commitments we made to our staff last year on our gender pay gap but, despite this, and given the changes at a senior level that occurred after the reporting date in April 2019, our gender pay gap for this year is now 22.29%, a decrease of only 0.48% from last year’s figure.

At GOSH Charity we have a diverse workforce. Our CEO, Louise Parkes, joined the charity on 1 May 2019, so our senior leadership team now has an equal gender split. Anne Bulford was appointed as our new Chair in September 2019, to lead a board of trustees of five women and four men. Future changes in our executive team under this new leadership, and our work on reward, will see further changes in the high proportion of men in the top earners of the charity.

Although it is a move in the right direction in reducing our gender pay gap, it is obviously disappointing to see such a small decrease. Despite the changes ahead, we currently continue to have an imbalance of men in our highest-earning roles and more women than men in the lowest quartile. We are also a small organisation, reporting on 231 staff. This is below the specified 250 minimum reporting requirements, but we are reporting our figures because we believe in openness and transparency. It should be noted that, in an organisation the size of GOSH Charity, small fluctuations in pay can have a big impact on our gender pay gap.

We remain committed to building upon the work that is underway to attract and develop the most diverse workforce, to champion gender equality and diversity and to reduce our current gender pay gap.