Meet our amazing volunteer community ambassadors

Meet some of our volunteer ambassadors who are helping to represent us in their local area and meet our supporters.  

Meet Richard

"I recently registered joined the team at GOSH Charity as a volunteer community ambassador. As a family we have benefited from charity funded accommodation at Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was a lifeline to me and my family. We have fundraised for the hospital in the past and I’m very excited to be involved again as a volunteer, supporting the new Never Far Away appeal in Essex. 

"When I sat down and started to think about who I knew and could ask to get involved too, I came up with lots of avenues to explore, from our son’s school, to my colleagues and clients at work. Turns out we have lots of contacts in the county!

Richard - community ambassador

"Recently I have been speaking to the golf clubs where I regularly play and have spoken about the appeal to family and friends who are all keen to do some fundraising. I belong to various networking groups which I am confident has members who could get behind the appeal."

Meet Alex

"My son Harry was born three years ago with a cleft palate. He had to be fed through a tube and had trouble gaining weight. He had surgery when he was eight months old and again this year. Now, you would never be able to tell that anything was ever wrong with him. 

"While he was in surgery in June, I visited the charity desk in the hospital’s Lagoon restaurant. I spoke to some of the fundraising staff, who made me realise the many ways I could help depending on my situation and how much time I had.

“I filled out a simple form, attended a briefing and became an ambassador. Since then, I have cheered on runners at a 10k run, distributed posters to enhance the hospital’s presence, placed collection tins in work places and completed a 100km London to Brighton cycle ride raising £800. It has been so rewarding to give something back to the place that gave me a healthy young boy.” 

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