Buckets of happiness!

Young girl and her bucket of happiness

Create a bucket of wellbeing to make a child or young person feel supported and happy. 

What to do

  1. Draw a picture of a bucket, decorate a box or find an empty pencil case and add anything and everything that makes your child feel happy and safe.
  2. Think about adding a favourite toy, song, book or even dance!
  3. Add these things to the bucket until it is full of joy and makes everyone smile.  
  4. You can then tap into the bucket at any time and draw on some of the resources – maybe you could have a Happy Bucket Session every day. 

Support from the Play team

“Asking children to think about things that bring them joy enables them to feel a little bit more in control of their surroundings and can provide a safety net for them. In the hospital setting, we spend time with children and young people, supporting them to share their worries in a safe space.”  

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