GOSH Epilepsy Research Appeal

GOSH Epilepsy Research Appeal

Please help Dr Chari find a kinder treatment for children like Charlie

Before his brain surgery, Charlie was having 10 – 17 seizures a day. Before they could operate, doctors had to locate the part of Charlie’s brain that was causing his epilepsy. “We have to induce a seizure and measure the brain waves to pinpoint the part of the brain where the seizure starts. Then we operate to remove it,” Dr Chari explains. This can be distressing for children – and risky. It involves several days in hospital and seizures have to be induced. 

Dr Chari hopes his pioneering new method will allow children to benefit from a gentler, safer method, without having to induce a seizure - a world first in the treatment of epilepsy. 

Watch our film to find out more:

Your support can make a huge difference to children like Charlie

It means: 

  • Quicker diagnosis and earlier treatment 
  • Less distress for children and their parents 
  • Vital new understanding of why seizures happen 
  • Less impact on young developing brains 
  • Reduced long-term impact on cognitive function 
  • Less time in hospital waiting for a seizure 
  • Potential to change little lives completely.