Will you help a child like Connie smile again?

Connie Smile

Seriously ill children like Connie need your help. Will you give £5 a month to help pay for life-saving equipment to diagnose and treat them faster?

Connie came to Great Ormond Street Hospital when she was three years old. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition called idiopathic pulmonary hypertension – with the help of our specialist MRI cardiac scanner.

Connie’s condition is now being treated, but needs ongoing monitoring. She comes back for regular MRI scans, to check that her heart and lungs are working properly.

Connie MRI Scan

As her mum explains: “If it wasn’t for the MRI scans she gets, we wouldn’t know what her pressures were, we wouldn’t know how well her heart was coping, we wouldn’t have got her diagnosis and we’d have lost her.”

A regular gift from you today will help us buy the technology we need to help save the lives of children like Connie. With your help, we can give them hope – and help them smile again.