Look Inside

Look Inside is an initiative to raise money towards life-saving imaging equipment at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), helping to treat children with serious and life-threatening illnesses. 

Every day, 618 children and young people from across the UK arrive at GOSH and the hospital offers the widest range of paediatric services under one roof in the UK. It’s therefore important to have the very best medical equipment. Some of the equipment the hospital urgently needs is for imaging and screening to monitor its patients and improve diagnosis.

We did it…we reached £1 million!

Thank you so much to everyone for their incredible support of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’s Look Inside appeal. It is a tremendous achievement to have raised £1 million to purchase life-saving imaging equipment for GOSH. 

Imaging has come a very long way in the 100 years since X-rays were discovered, and it has moved very fast in the past 10 years alone. While X-rays are still used for basic imaging, many of our tests are now more advanced. We try as much as possible to use tests that don’t rely on ionising radiation, as this can be potentially harmful to the child, and equipment such as ultrasound machines and MRI scanners don’t use radiation at all. Therefore, it is vital that we have up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. 

The money raised from the Look Inside appeal has had a phenomenal impact on the work of the hospital, our patients and their families. Your support has allowed the hospital to purchase pieces of imaging equipment that will aid diagnosis, enable the development of new treatments and ultimately save lives. 

The annual Christmas Carol Concert has played an integral part in the Look Inside appeal, raising more than £700,000 over the past three years. Chaired by Stephanie Léouzon, the event committee worked tirelessly to secure sponsorship, advertising, and luxury items for the auctions, and to sell tickets for both the Carol Concert and reception to make this an enormously successful event. 

Throughout the duration of the appeal, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity was delighted to be selected as the main beneficiary of the Eaton House School, Belgravia party. More than 250 parents and supporters of the school came together every October to host a cocktail party to raise funds for the charity, raising a total of more than £150,000 towards the appeal. The school and parents’ committee worked tirelessly to successfully secure an enormous amount of fantastic auction items and sell tickets.

Alongside the Christmas Carol Concert and Eaton House School party, many individuals, trusts and foundations made generous donations towards the appeal, making it an incredible achievement for everyone involved. 

Dr Melanie Hiorns
Thank you so much for your support of the Look Inside appeal – we are so grateful.

Dr Melanie Hiorns
Consultant Paediatric Radiologist
Great Ormond Street Hospital