GOSH Charity launch Virtual Reality Christmas

10 Dec 2017, 1:17 p.m.

Martin Freeman - voicing our VR project

We recently launched a brand new ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR) Christmas film, as part of our seasonal fundraising campaign aimed at corporate partners and companies.

The film explores life on the ward for patients at GOSH, who are receiving dialysis as part of their treatment. The children play Christmas games with a play specialist, whose role is funded by the charity. It offers a unique insight into the hospital and the festive atmosphere staff create for children who are too sick to go home this Christmas.

Narrated by actor Martin Freeman, the film has been shot in 360-degree so viewers can follow Christmas boxes passed around the ward.

The company package includes the 360-degree film and a set of VR headsets featuring their brand logo to share with staff, clients and customers for a truly immersive experience. It also features a co-branded Christmas e-card to send to clients and a bespoke landing page on our website.

Martin Freeman, said: “Christmas is a precious time for families to be together, but some children at GOSH won’t be well enough to go home. Staff at this fantastic hospital will make it as special as they can for all their patients, and watching this film really helps you feel like you are there in the moment with these brave children and young people. Having visited GOSH myself, as well as having been a patient there, it’s an honour for me to help share this story and I hope lots of companies will dig deep to support such a brilliant cause this Christmas.”

For more information please email Product Development Manager Louis at louis.childs@gosh.org or give him a call on 0203 841 3135