Hugs for GOSH

Send someone you love a virtual hug!

How it works

When you’re craving a cuddle with your bestie or missing a squeeze with your mum, show they're in your thoughts by sending them a virtual hug.

Upload their photo to Instagram, tag them with #HugsforGOSH, donate £5 to GOSH Charity and post.

It’s a lovely way to wrap your virtual arms around your favourite people, while your donation sends a huge virtual thank you hug to all the NHS heroes on the frontline at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Virtual hugs, sent with love

GOSH gives the very best care to the seriously ill children and their families at the hospital and your support means so much during this difficult time.

More than 600 seriously ill children arrive at GOSH every day from across the UK. Your help means we can continue to fund services that are a vital part of the life-changing treatments and care GOSH gives.

Services like parent accommodation, so that children can have a parent close by during these anxious times; the Play Team, who are so important in helping children prepare for treatments and their recovery; and vital services for our GOSH heroes, such as staff childcare provision.

It also means we can fund research and innovation programmes that could go on to change and save young lives, and continue developing key hospital projects, such as the new Sight and Sound Centre, the UK's first dedicated facility for children with sight and hearing loss.

We’re sending you a huge virtual hug back to thank you for the support you're giving GOSH Charity - you’re helping to build a better future for seriously ill children.