Why we set up Abbie and Sonny's TeamGOSH Fund

Vikki tells us about her TeamGOSH fund

Vikki has two children under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Abbie and Sonny. After benefiting first hand from the parent accommodation at the hospital, Vikki’s family have set up their own TeamGOSH Fund to help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity so other parents can stay as close to their children as possible.

Vikki’s daughter Abbie has been coming to GOSH since 1999 for treatment for her rare condition, craniosynostosis, which prevented one side of her head from forming properly in the womb.

Vikki said: “During the first five years of her life, Abbie had extensive surgeries on her skull to try and reshape the curvature in her face and head. She underwent major eye surgery to correct her vision which had also been affected.” 

Patient and family accommodation

Just before Christmas 2015, Abbie had reconstructive surgery on her nose area. Shortly after Abbie was discharged, Vikki’s youngest son, six-year-old Sonny, was admitted to GOSH. 

“It was only a week before Christmas,” says Vikki, “if it hadn’t been for the accommodation provided by the hospital, my family would have been torn apart.” 

Sonny was discharged earlier this year, but both him and Abbie still return to GOSH for ongoing treatment.

United fundraising

TeamGOSH Fund holder Vikki after a challenge in New Zealand
Vikki wanted to do something in recognition of the care her son and daughter receive at the hospital and to ensure other parents could make use of the charity-funded parent accommodation. She set up a TeamGOSH Fund named after Abbie and Sonny which allows family and friends to unite their fundraising efforts into one joint fund. 

The first event that Vikki took part in was the charity’s annual 5k family fun run, RBC Race for the Kids where she raised more than £1,000. 

Vikki said: “I only got into running four years ago but now I regularly run, cycle, climb and swim just about anywhere.

"I'm happy to support the hospital in any way I can. We want to raise £12,000 towards family accommodation. So far, we've collectively raised £4,280 from a number of events, including my first ultramarathon, the North Burn 100, and a 20-mile obstacle race. I've also been to New Zealand to run six of the nine great walks."

Abbie and Sonny's fundraising efforts

“Abbie has organised and performed at a school concert, raising nearly £4,000, and our local football club also held a charity race night in Sonny’s honour, raising an impressive £800!” says Vikki.

“All of our fundraising can never repay the hospital for what they’ve done for our family. It really is just our way of giving something back,” she added.

Get involved

To find out more about starting a TeamGOSH Fund, please call the team on 020 3841 3131.

You can also find out more on our TeamGOSH Fund pages.