Why we started Isla's fund

From the moment she was born, Isla has had to be brave and fight. Her mum, Claire, describes those worrying first days:

“Within an hour of having her we were both taken from the birth unit to our local hospital where she was subjected to hundreds of blood tests. I was really scared as they didn’t know what was wrong until we were transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for more scans and examinations. It was here that, at just five days old, my beautiful daughter was diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH).

"We didn’t know anything about CAH as it is such a rare condition but we soon found out this means Isla is missing an enzyme that stimulates the adrenal glands to release the cortisol hormone. Lacking this hormone means that the body is less able to cope with stress, either emotionally or physically, which can be life threatening. We were told she would have to have medication for life and we felt so helpless because we couldn't do anything to make it better.

"It took a little while for it to sink in but the staff at GOSH have been incredible. You start to recognise them over the appointments and they remember you too which makes the whole experience so much easier! They can't do enough to help and constantly reassure you that everything is ok which, as a parent, is invaluable. I think it will really help Isla to feel comfortable as she gets older seeing the same friendly faces."

Why we started a TeamGOSH Fund

"After the brilliant treatment we had, we decided to start a TeamGOSH Fund in Isla’s name as we felt that, by raising money, we were still playing our part in hopefully improving her future!

"We are lucky to have kind, caring friends and family who want to be involved in helping us raise money to improve the future of Isla and other poorly children. Everyone has been so kind and generous in both donating their time and money and I think it helps that they see how brave Isla is!

"There have been so many events, such as Bake it Better, 11 of us completing a 5k obstacle course (Mucky Races) in April and also a charity ball in June. One friend has completed two long distance cycles, another is completing an inline skating marathon in September and someone else has raised some money at a dragon boat racing event, it is pretty overwhelming.

"Raising so much money through Isla’s TeamGOSH Fund has made us feel really emotional and proud that we are doing something to help. From feeling helpless when Isla was born, we now feel as though we are doing everything in our power to improve Isla's future and the future of other brave children like her!” 

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