Kiss it Better

Kiss it Better is an initiative to raise money for research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancer – the biggest disease affecting children today.

Kiss it Better
The appeal was started by Carmel Allen, whose daughter, Josephine, was treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital for neuroblastoma. 

The money raised by Kiss it Better goes towards the pioneering paediatric cancer research at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This looks into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer to make sure that as many children as possible are benefiting from the latest research and clinical trials.

Carmel Allen at Run or Dye
The premise was really simple, Kiss it Better is something every parent says and does when their child is sick or injured. I wanted to turn Josephine’s experience into something positive and to help make a difference to the lives of children with cancer everywhere.

Carmel Allen
Co-founder of the Kiss it Better appeal

The need to combat childhood cancers

Around one in every 500 children under the age of 15 will develop cancer, which equates to approximately 1,600 new childhood cancer cases each year in the UK. 

Tragically, in the UK, cancer represents the biggest cause of childhood mortality outside of accidental death. 

Remarkable advances in treatment of cancer

Even though significant progress has been made in the treatment of childhood cancer, the price paid by the child and their families is huge in terms of the suffering and side effects endured and the possible long term consequence of treatment, both physical and psychological. 

Whilst cancer survival rates are immensely encouraging with 8 in 10 of all children still alive five years after diagnosis, for certain childhood cancers, survival rates remain extremely low and there are some cancers where there are no survivors.

Pioneering better treatments for children with cancer

Through our research we aim to cut childhood cancer deaths and improve treatment for related chronic health conditions by pioneering new therapies.  

Great Ormond Street Hospital conducts collaborative clinical trials to measure the effectiveness of these novel treatments and funds from the Kiss it Better appeal support projects that will transform our ability to do so.