Oscar's story

Photo of Oscar

Oscar was born with Crouzon syndrome – a rare, genetic condition that causes the craniofacial bones to fuse prematurely. His family set up the Face Value campaign to support the craniofacial research of Owase Jeelani and David Dunaway at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).Oscar is cheeky, bright and brimming with personality. He loves playing with his younger brothers, William and Felix, and his labrador, Dixie. Everyone who knows him is delighted that he’s doing so well because he hasn’t had an easy start in life.

Surgery at GOSH

Oscar has already had numerous operations to relieve pressure on his brain and eyes and to improve his breathing.

During Spring 2016, Oscar will need two major operations at GOSH to help reshape his skull so that his brain can keep growing.

A message from Oscar's mother

"Putting your child through one operation is hard enough, never mind seven, but we know they’re essential for Oscar and that he's in excellent hands.Owase Jeelani and David Dunaway in the hospital's surgery team have been amazing and are so passionate about helping Oscar and the many children like him. They are constantly working to improve surgical techniques but, to develop their pioneering treatments, they desperately need to invest in a five-year programme of surgical research.Developing new precision techniques will help change the face of craniofacial surgery for so many other children like Oscar and help them live normal lives. Over the next few months Oscar will need two major operations to move forward his face, which is why this research programme is so important to our family. We’re committed to helping raise £1.25 million so that the team can continue taking strides forward. Thank you very much for your support." Nicola, Oscar’s mum