Sponsored games

Our sponsored games are a great way to fundraise at school for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and a fun way to learn!

How to take part:

  1. Choose which challenge you would like to take part in from the list below and download it or get in touch if you would like some posted to you.
  2. Complete the challenge and get sponsored to do it! Each challenge includes instructions and a sponsorship form. 
  3. Pay in your fundraising money 
You can find out more about the challenges below and download copies to print.

You can also download our guidelines for teachers here. (.pdf) (167.7 KB)

The Picture Challenge

  • For Foundation and Key Stage 1
Get your friends and family to sponsor you as you get creative!
Draw or stick a picture for each letter in word ‘hospital’ and colour in a picture of a nurse.

Download the Picture Challenge (.pdf) (342.4 KB)

The Body Challenge

  • For Key Stage 2
    Body challenge skeleton
Can you point to your tibia? Do you know where your metatarsals and metacarpals are?

Look at a picture of a skeleton which has been labelled, and find the words in the wordsearch.

Download the Body Challenge (.pdf) (311.7 KB)

The Crossword Challenge

  • For Key Stage 2
How much do you know about the body and about Great Ormond Street Hospital? Find out in our fun crossword!


Download the Crossword Challenge (.pdf) (271.8 KB)

The Spelling Challenge

  • Suitable for all levels because you choose the spellings!
Enter our spelling challenge and ask friends and family to sponsor you for learning up to 30 spellings. You don’t have to do it on your own either – why not challenge the rest of yourclass? Ask your teacher or parents to give you some to learn or get in touch for our list of suggested spellings.

You could even see how many words you can find in 'Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital' and be sponsored for each word you come up with.

Download the Spelling Challenge (.pdf) (170.0 KB)

We hope you enjoy your challenge! If you have any queries please get in touch on schools@gosh.org or 020 7239 3131

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