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Schools fundraising presentation

Kick start your fundraising with our assembly resources! Holding a special assembly is a great way to launch your fundraising and help bring Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to life for students, and we've done all the hard work for you!

Whether you need a presentation, an educational film, some facts and figures, or just some tips about how to talk about us, we have got everything you need.

  • Use our  to educate students about GOSH and help them to understand why their support is so important. Or, drop us a line if you would like a PowerPoint presentation to use, which can be customised for your school and includes a suggested script for your assembly.
  • Our 'Talking about GOSH' guide contains all the facts you need, as well as discussion points to get students thinking about the impact of the hospital's work and the important of their support.
  • Our films are fantastic ways to help students understand more about the hospital. You can find them with our information for young and teen fundraisers:
If your school chooses to support us with fundraising, we may have an Ambassador in your area who you could invite to speak at one of your assemblies. Please get in touch to find out.

Contact us

If you need any other materials or information get in touch with the team here by emailing us or giving us a ring on 020 3841 3131.