You've helped children like Grace breathe easier

Thank you for helping children like Grace breathe easier

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Thank you to everyone who donated to the appeal.

Thanks to you, we can help even more children like Grace to breathe easier.

Your donation means we can buy vital respiratory equipment

GOSH are renowned for our expertise in respiratory conditions, having pioneered procedures such as a slide-tracheoplasty; which carefully widens the windpipe to make breathing easier. For surgery like this to be successful, the team must ensure accurate diagnosis, careful planning and specialist equipment.

Grace with Dr Hewitt
Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to purchase the necessary equipment to make this a reality.

“It makes a huge difference for us having the extra equipment and having the best equipment.” – Dr Hewitt, Tracheal team at GOSH

Specialist equipment to make surgery faster and safer.

The bronchoscopes you helped us to fund have remarkable optical quality, which allows the surgeons at GOSH to operate on even the tiniest of airways, just like Grace’s.

As well as bronchoscopes, your donation has also enabled us to purchase anaesthetic machines with special technology that make surgery safer by reducing the time babies and children spend under anaesthesia.

Additionally, you have helped us to buy specialist operating tables that are easily adjusted and can film rare procedures to share our expertise across the world and help more children like Grace.

Grace with mum
Grace’s story

After suffering breathing problems since birth, Grace was diagnosed with long segment tracheal stenosis; a rare respiratory condition affecting just 1 in 5 million children. With a windpipe just 1mm wide, Grace’s life was at risk and so 2 weeks after diagnosis, Grace underwent a slide-tracheoplasty at GOSH, which saved her life.

GOSH have helped over 150 children with this procedure, carrying out around 40 per week. However, demand is increasing due to GOSH’s sought after expertise, with a 16% jump in surgeries over the last 5 years and the extra capacity from two new respiratory wards.

Thanks to the success of her surgery at GOSH, Grace is now a happy and lively 10-year-old, who enjoys swimming and riding her pony, Donald Duck!

Thank you again!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this appeal. If you still wish to donate, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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