Help children like Grace breathe easier

Help children like Grace breathe easier

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When a child can’t breathe easily, their life is at risk. Your gift could help fund surgical equipment to save them.

Given the odds she faced, it’s close to a miracle that Grace survived. She was born with a windpipe just 1mm wide – that’s even narrower than a tiny cocktail straw. Every breath was a desperate battle for air.


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If Grace hadn’t been referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) she may not be alive today.

Grace owes her life to an innovative surgical procedure – a slide tracheoplasty – developed here at GOSH. But many more babies and children need your help to breathe easier. We need your help to buy extra equipment – bronchoscopes, anaesthetic machines and specialist operating tables – to help us save more lives.

A life-saving operation – made possible by bronchoscopes.

With such a narrow windpipe, surgery was Grace’s only hope of survival. In simple terms, with the aid of bronchoscopes, Dr Hewitt, consultant Paediatric surgeon at GOSH, can reconstruct the windpipe (also called the trachea) so it’s half as long but twice as wide, making breathing much easier.

Your gift could fund equipment to save more children like Grace.

Every successful surgery depends on accurate diagnosis, careful planning and having the right equipment. One of the most vital items used every day at GOSH is the bronchoscope. Essentially, it’s a bendy little telescope with a built-in camera.

Bronchoscopes allow Dr Hewitt and his team to look into airways and see what the problem is, they let them team take samples of unusual tissue or secretions, and can be fitted with tiny surgical tools. Bronchoscopes are also useful after operations to help monitor healing.

The special anaesthetic machines can deliver medication in a way that leaves children’s airways completely clear for delicate procedures. And the paediatric operating tables are highly adjustable to give surgeons the best possible access for tracheal work.

Grace’s life was transformed – but more children need your help.

Around 40 bronchoscopies are already carried out every week at GOSH. But demand keeps growing. In the last five years, we’ve seen a 16 per cent jump in surgery at the hospital, thanks to the expertise of the team.

The two extra respiratory wards in our new Premier Inn Clinical Building give us greater capacity, but that means we need more equipment as soon as possible.

For children who struggle to breathe, every day they wait is dangerous.

Unless we buy extra equipment, children who come to GOSH in the future may have to wait longer for help, putting them at increased risk. We simply can’t let that happen.

Grace is a truly remarkable little girl. She’s so full of energy and she’s determined to make the most of life – we all call her ‘Amazing Grace’. So please, give whatever you can, so that children like Grace can breathe easier.

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Your kind donation will be used to fund the purchase of new bronchoscopes, anaesthetic machines and paediatric operating tables. Additional income received over and above the cost of £265,899 will be used wherever it is needed most.

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