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​Thank you to everyone who donated to our Room to Hear appeal.

We have a very special thank you video featuring 12-year-old patient Paris, who is just one of the young people who has benefitted from a cochlear implant at GOSH.

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Your donation means we can fund a new cochlear implant soundproof booth

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a specialist centre for helping deaf children receive cochlear implants – high-tech devices that turn sound into tiny electrical signals, so young brains can learn to listen.

The new cochlear implant soundproof booth will provide a safe environment for children and young people to have their cochlear implants switched on, giving some patients the joy of sound for the very first time in their lives.

"When we switch on a child's cochlear implants, it's vital that we don't overload their tiny ears," says Catherine Broxholme, Lead Audiologist for Cochlear Implants.

"That's why a soundproof room is essential. Many of these children have never heard sound before in their lives."

A graphic that explains how cochlear implants work.

How cochlear implants work

For most people, sound enters the ear, vibrates the ear drum, and stimulates 20,000 tiny hairs inside the spiral-shaped cochlear. This generates electrical signals that the brain interprets as sound.

For some deaf children, a cochlear implant does the work instead. An external circular microphone and a sound processor (that looks like a hearing aid) create electrical signals that are transmitted via the hearing nerve to the brain.

A very special thank you! 

One booth can help up to six patients every day, which means your donation will help to transform the lives of thousands of families in the future.

Please watch our thank you video featuring Paris and her family. Thanks to you, other children and young people like Paris will benefit from a brand-new soundproof booth.

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