How play therapy helped Myla prepare for life-saving surgery

On average, the Play team at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) have contact with 130 children every day. The support that play specialists give children like Myla is crucial for helping them cope with some of the toughest challenges of being in hospital. With your help we can continue to fund play specialists at GOSH. Please make a donation today.

The Play team help patients at the hospital to understand their condition and prepare for their life-saving treatments by using games, role play and other play techniques tailored to children and their illnesses.

Myla first met Lynsey, a play specialist here at GOSH, when she was eight. “When I was at GOSH I made really good friends with my play specialist, Lynsey," says Myla. "She helped me understand my condition and prepare for my surgery”.

Without the support of play specialists, a child’s experience of being in hospital can be seriously affected. Make a donation today.

Why do we need play specialists?

The vital support provided by the Play team relies wholly on the funding from Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. In order for us to help more patients like Myla, we need to raise £300,000. Donate now.

Preparing for life-saving operations: Play specialists help children prepare for life-saving treatment and surgery using techniques such as role play, drawing and practising procedures. 

Supporting the whole family: Play specialists often form the strongest relationship with children. They alleviate parents’ worries of explaining complicated illnesses to their child and provide families with a much-needed break.

Bringing fun to the hospital: Play specialists work closely with patients and families to provide lots of fun activities tailored to the interests of each child. This helps patients maintain some normality and ensures our patients and their siblings don’t miss out on being children.

Speeding up recovery: Research shows that play therapy can improve a child’s recovery and help them come to terms with a difficult or stressful situation.

Please make a donation now to fund play specialists at GOSH.

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