Send a message to patients this Christmas

Help us to bring seasonal cheer to the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is an extraordinary place that needs your help. We need to raise about £100 million every year to help sick children and their families.

This Christmas, we’re asking people to send our patients a message of hope. Your personalised Christmas stocking message will be displayed at the hospital for patients, parents and staff to read.

Many of the children at the hospital are simply too ill to be allowed home for the festivities. Last year, Evie had to stay at GOSH over Christmas while she waited for a heart transplant. Evie’s mum, Nicole, describes the experience…

Clinging to hope

“It was an absolute shock that day," remembers Nicole. "We were told that a third of children don’t survive, a third need a heart transplant and a third can be maintained on medication and sometimes the heart repairs itself. We just clung to the hope that Evie would be one of those who recover. As it turned out, Evie’s heart had stretched too much to repair itself.”

At GOSH, Evie was put on a Berlin Heart, which took over the job of her own heart while she waited for a transplant. Evie waited seven long months at GOSH while doctors fought to keep her alive. This meant Evie and her family had to spend Christmas in hospital.

“It was so hard being in hospital at Christmas but the staff were amazing," says Nicole. "We sang carols, decorated a tree and we snuck in presents while Evie was asleep on Christmas Eve. We tried to make it about being together and creating memories that we’ll cherish forever.”

Accommodating families

Evie’s family benefited from GOSH's charity-funded parent accommodation.

“We were living on a knife edge for months. We were relieved to have the charity-funded parent accommodation, so we could stay close by to Evie. I don’t know how we’d have coped without it as we live over two hours drive from the hospital."

A match came through and Evie's operation early this year was a success. Evie now attends GOSH regularly for check-ups and Nicole is looking forward to Christmas at home with her family.

“As we didn’t get to have Christmas all together last year it’s going to be a big celebration all together this year. We want to make it really special for Evie."

Send in a festive message to patients like Evie this Christmas. It’s a really quick and easy way to let them know you are thinking of them.