Marley's story

Seven-year-old Marley went home last month after a successful heart transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), and will start school this coming January.

After three years in and out of GOSH’s cardiac ward, life is finally starting to return to some form of normality for Marley.

He went home last month after a successful heart transplant and is set to be back at his school in Dagenham by January.

The scars from the surgery still show and even now he is allowed few visitors, needs regular check-up treatments and is on a strict regimen of immunosuppressant drugs so his body doesn't reject the new heart, which is expected to last around 15 years.

Marley is one of around 20 children a year to get a new heart at GOSH and The Independent and Evening Standard’s Give to GOSH appeal will watch as he recovers from the operation and his family adjusts to his new life.

Few children are lucky enough to get a second successful transplant, but his mother, Jo, says his life has already been transformed by the surgical team at GOSH. "Whatever happens in the future, it's out of our control. I will stay positive and hopeful and try and be as happy as we can for as long as we can."

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This article was originally published in The Independent on 23 November 2015.