MRI Scanner Appeal

Upgrading our MRI scanner is vital to give us a precise picture of Connie’s heart.

With your help we can diagnose children more quickly and treat them sooner with new MRI technology. Great Ormond Street Hospital is home to one of the worlds largest children’s cardiac MRI services.

The MRI Scanner appeal is aiming to raise £230,000 to upgrade one of our cardiac MRI scanners. The MRI scanner is used to diagnose and monitor young children with heart problems like Connie, who has Pulmonary Hypertension and comes to GOSH every three weeks for MRI scans.

Watch Connie's story to find out more:

Help more patients like Connie

Six ways your gift will help young children with heart problems:

  • Scan times cut from 60 to 8 minutes
  • Less need for general anaesthetics
  • More accurate images of tiny hearts
  • Shorter waiting times to be seen
  • Earlier diagnosis of conditions
  • Starting life-changing treatment sooner
Please send a gift today to upgrade our MRI scanner and help give us the best window into children’s hearts.