Lee’s 55-mile journey for GOSH

8 Dec 2021, 3:26 p.m.

Lee holding his son Finn in front of a van

In September, over 360 riders took on the London to Brighton cycle for GOSH Charity. Among them was Lee, whose son received treatment at GOSH earlier this year. Here, he shares his story.

Lee's son Finn was born with a rare birthmark, which led to many tests and referrals as a new-born.

He arrived at GOSH earlier this year, so a team could assess the long-term effects on his health and wellbeing.

As a result of the care that Finn received at the hospital, Lee decided to take on a challenge for GOSH Charity. "I wanted to repay the support we received,” he explains.

Lee chose the London to Brighton cycle.

A "real team effort" on race day

Lee took on all 55 miles of the London to Brighton challenge in September.

He recalls there being a great atmosphere on the day of the race, and the journey itself was a "real team effort".

"There was a really positive energy, with everyone united in one aim to raise money for charity," he says.

"I met and spoke to over 30 people along the journey – sharing experiences and stories."

For Lee, taking on this challenge with a team of friends – who all have the same goal – is one of "the best things you will ever do".

"Everyone united with one main aim and making such a difference to the children and their families treated at GOSH... It really is life-changing and we can all play a part in helping this continue," he says.

His top tips for anyone planning on taking on this fantastic ride?

“Enjoy yourself, tell your story, and get chatting to everyone on route!”

Lee standing outside on race day, smiling to camera

The journey ahead

Now 10 months old, Finn is doing well.

He has had a positive prognosis and moves forward with the ongoing support of the team at GOSH.

“Life throws hurdles at all of us, but it’s how we react to them and move forward that really makes a difference," says Lee.

"Finn has taught me to tackle the negative with being positive. Oh, and to always do it smiling!"

Join Team GOSH for the UK’s largest multi-charity London to Brighton cycle on 11 September 2022 organised by Skyline Events. With over 4,000 fellow cyclists, the ride is perfect for solo first-time riders and velo-enthusiast teams alike.