Recruiting a team for RBC Race for the Kids

Every year, Pete recruits a team of friends, family and colleagues to take part in RBC Race for the Kids and fundraise for seriously ill children at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and around the UK.

Pete, who works for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) – the title sponsor of our 5k family fun run – tells us why he’s been participating in RBC Race for the Kids with a team for several years and his top tips for getting others involved.

Why did you sign up for RBC Race for the Kids?

It’s a great cause that has been close to my heart for a number of years. Signing up is the least I can do. The event is cracking and the fundraising that our team does is always fun.

What’s your team name and why did you choose it?

Working in the FICC area of Royal Bank Canada (RBC) – or Fixed Income, Currencies or Commodities – our team name, ‘In the FICC of it’, was the brainchild of a (former) colleague, who ‘borrowed’ the idea from the TV series of the same name. We couldn’t think of anything that could beat that!

How have you recruited your team members?

There are too many people in our team to count. Numbers vary, but the team includes all sorts of friends and family, many of whom come back year after year.

What’s the best thing about taking part in RBC Race for the Kids?

The first year I ran the race, when my boy was only four years old, he refused to run it, so I had to jog around the course with him on my shoulders. Things have improved a lot since then: he’s eight now and I’m already beginning to struggle to keep up with his pace.

What are the benefits of taking part in the race as a team? 

Apart from seeing the fun and happiness on the faces of the children who have overcome a lot more than most of us will, you get to meet some great people, such as the wonderful Tilly, the daughter of one of the RBC employees and who has been a GOSH patient throughout her life. Tilly has helped us with our fundraising on several occasions.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s event in Hyde Park on Saturday 7 October?

I’m most looking forward to the finish line and enjoying the RBC corporate tent, which is great for nabbing a handful of sweets. I’ll tell myself that I need the fuel to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon the following day.

What are your top tips for getting other people involved in the race? 

Tell everyone and anyone you can. Everyone knows the work GOSH does, and if that doesn’t tip the scales, then I show them photos of the race day and its brilliant organisation – that usually swings it!

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