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Our summer 2019 edition of Pioneer magazine features inspirational stories from the hospital, like Freddie's.

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Diagnosing Freddie’s illness was only the beginning

In his early years, Freddie was very poorly and spent a lot of time at his local hospital. His pain was so great he needed counselling to cope and, with no clear diagnosis, he was referred to GOSH and placed in the care of Dr Brogan. Researchers like Dr Brogan, who are funded by GOSH Charity, are critical in helping to treat patients with rare diseases. He recognised that Freddie was suffering from a very rare disease called Cryopyrin associated periodic syndrome (CAPS). CAPS causes fever, rash and painful swelling in the joints which in some cases can lead to nerve damage. If left untreated, CAPS can also cause severe damage to the kidneys.

GOSH patient Freddie loves to play football

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A clinical trial proved to be the key

Thanks to a clinical trial, in which Dr Brogan had demonstrated how a new drug named Canakinumab could help children with similar conditions, there was an option for Freddie. Although Freddie didn’t take part in the research itself, the switch to Canakinumab soon proved beneficial. Today, he only needs an injection once every eight weeks, his symptoms are under control and he is free to attend school and do what he loves best: play football! You can read more about Freddie in Pioneer magazine below.

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