Celebrating the incredible nursing teams at GOSH

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The last few months have highlighted, more than ever, just how amazing our NHS teams are. As 2020 also marks the International Year of the Nurse, Pioneer celebrates the work of GOSH’s incredible nurses.

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One of the things the hospital’s incredible nursing and clinical staff have in common is the years of dedicated studying and training they’ve all committed themselves to. This specialised education and training is directly reflected in the care and attention given to seriously ill children from the minute they come through the door at GOSH.

It’s what makes the hospital extraordinary. And this is the reason we’re supporting the GOSH Learning Academy (GLA). It cements the hospital’s longstanding reputation as a leading trainer of Paediatric Nurses and extends the breadth of learning opportunities across the variety of healthcare professionals at GOSH.

Will you help fund specialised nursing training to help children now and in the future?

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GOSH Learning Academy (GLA)

By supporting the Summer Pioneer Appeal you will be helping GOSH Charity to provide funding to the GOSH Learning Academy, which will give specialist training and support to all GOSH staff responsible for the care of the thousands of seriously ill children treated at GOSH every year.

How your gift will support the gosh learning academy over the next five years:

  • Providing up to 20 specialist academic modules and postgraduate qualifications in its first three years, benefitting over 1,000 healthcare professionals.
  • Giving access to training that allows healthcare professionals to experience situations that simulate real-life – from surgery to trauma.
  • Simulating events and ‘rehearsing’ meaning better planning, fewer errors and better outcomes for seriously ill children.

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