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Many of the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are too ill to go home for Christmas. Your donation could make a huge difference and give seriously ill children the chance of a better future. 

A challenging start

When Craig was nine months old, doctors discovered an orange-sized tumour, known as a Wilm’s tumour, on one of his kidneys. He went on to have chemotherapy and later the kidney had to be removed. But at the age of five, just as he was about to finish having check-ups every three months, Craig suddenly had tummy ache and couldn’t pass water. The family later found out that the cancer returned in his remaining kidney. Doctors tried to save some of Craig’s kidney, however, during surgery the doctor’s told Lisa and her partner Brett that it wouldn’t be possible, and Craig would have to go onto dialysis. Craig spent time on Eagle ward where his family were taught by specialist nurses to use a home haemo dialysis machine. 

Staying in GOSH Charity funded parent accommodation 

It was then that the family moved into Weston House, GOSH’s parent and family accommodation. Lisa and Brett could start doing Craig’s dialysis knowing that GOSH staff were close by if they needed help, with Craig continuing with his chemotherapy at the hospital. 

Craig is looking forward to spending Christmas at home with his family this year

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Looking to the future

Craig and his family are now looking forward to an extra special Christmas this year out of hospital. “I think it will just be amazing because we will have what they call his ‘kidney-versary’, which will be the 19 December, so we are planning a big party for this year,” says Lisa.

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