Bright and beautiful

Create colourful stain-glass decorations.

What to do

First, place a tray of any size or shape on top of a flat black bin liner. Cut around the shape leaving about 6 inches of extra space all the way round. 

Next, place the bin liner loosely over the tray and keep it in place using some sticker tape. Make sure it’s not too tight otherwise the glue will run off the tray. 

Cover the entire surface of the bin liner with a layer of PVA glue, allowing children to explore the glue by dribbling, drizzling, pouring and touching it as you go. You can use anything you want to decorate your ‘glass’ including tissue paper, sequins and glitter. Arrange or just scatter your decorations on top of the glue. 

When you’re happy with your creation, drizzle more PVA glue over the finished picture, making sure to cover the entire surface again, and leave it to dry in a safe place. 

Allow your finished design to dry for two days before gently peeling it off the bin liner. Be careful to peel around the edges first, working your way towards the middle gently. If the middle is still sticky, let it dry some more before removing from the tray. 

Once ready, you can hang your finished design in a window for everyone to admire! 

Support from the Play team

“This activity is definitely worth the two-day wait and the process is really fun too! Children will love exploring the sensory and sticky nature of PVA glue and the process of designing their own decorations. Hanging them proudly in the window for passers-by to see adds to the sense of achievement and pride.”