Bring Stick Man to Life!

Collect some sticks and leaves and create a stick family!

What to do

  1. Start by reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson together with your children.
  2. During your daily exercise, in the garden or park, collect a selection of twigs, sticks and leaves. Look for twigs with interesting shapes that could resemble arms and legs.
  3. Give them a clean at home and sort them into body, arm and leg sticks.
  4. Use sticky tape or string to join the twigs together and stick on some wobbly eyes (or draw your own) to finish off your own Stick family characters.
  5. Unfold a large cardboard box and paint or decorate to create Stick Man’s home. Now you’re ready to make up your own Stick Man adventures! 

Support from the Play Team

“This is a creative and imaginative way to encourage role play using well-loved characters. You can recreate the adventures of your child’s favourite story, while having fun using simple arts and crafts to bring the characters to life. Plus, you can extend this activity as you create a storytelling space for role play and invention.”

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