Big Brush Build

The perfect way to brush up on all things dental, this is an unforgettable activity with real bite!

What to do

First, cut two cardboard boxes into mouth-shaped tooth holders. Next, cut the bottom off 8 plastic bottles. These will be the molars, so paint each one with white paint.

To make your incisors, fold eight stripes of oblong card in half and seal the sides with masking tape, then paint these too.

Once dry, use masking tape to secure the teeth in the cardboard mouth. Paint your gums pink, and once dry, you can practice brushing your big teeth!

Support from the Play team

“This activity will promote discussion around health, hygiene and food. As well as building their creativity, this will help children gain awareness of their own bodies. This could be really useful for situations like wobbly teeth or explaining what happens at the dentist.”