Evergreen window boxes

Create indoor flower window boxes for blooms all year long. 

What to do 

Start by painting three empty toilet rolls green – these will form the stems of your flowers. Paint and decorate a small cardboard box, which will act as the flower box base. Cut up a spare box or some cardboard into chunks, which will form the soil. Place your green stems upright in the box filled with cardboard. 

Using coloured paper, cut out different petal shapes and glue the ends to the top of the stems. Scrunch up some yellow paper and place this inside the toilet roll to complete your new flowers. Put your new display by the window and enjoy! 

Support from the Play team 

"Even when it’s raining or too cold to go out, children can enjoy a taste of gardening and how to look after plants with these handy indoor window boxes. They can be as imaginative as they like with the flowers and will remind them year-round of nature’s beauty!”

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