Jewellery sale

Play jewellery image

Make your own colourful jewellery

What to do

  • Using string and whatever you can find in the cupboard – pasta, beads, paper – make your own colourful jewellery.
  • Enjoy putting on a fashion show or adapt the game further by setting up a jewellery shop and encouraging role play.
  • You can make your own shop window, price tags and sell your homemade crafts to friends and family using video calls.

Support from the Play team

“This is a great creative activity that promotes design and planning. They can make a till out of cardboard boxes and design a poster or sign for the shop. It is also a wonderful way that children and families can play together and share their joy with others through photos and social media. All this will continue to promote motor skills and hand-eye coordination.”

Young boy strings pasta into necklace