Make your own stethoscope

Be a doctor for a day and learn the value of nursing.

What to do

Gather together two pieces of cardboard, foil, tissue paper and two bendy straws – and you’re ready to create your own stethoscope! 

Tape together the two straws at the bottom end and cover the bendy ends in foil. Then cut out a long strip of cardboard to loop and glue around the bottom end of the straws. 

Cut out a circular piece of cardboard, cover in foil, glue to the end of the long part of cardboard and you’re ready to start listening to heartbeats and breathing! 

Support from the Play team

“Role play is an incredibly freeing thing for children. Creating and playing with an instrument that children may see on a trip to the doctors can help put them at ease with the real thing. Take turns pretending to listen to their favourite doll or teddy bear breathe – it's a great way to reassure young children that nurses and health workers are there to help them.”