No paintbrush, no problem!

You don’t need a paintbrush to create a beautiful painting. 

What to do

  1. Get an old white sheet, duvet, pillowcase, or old wallpaper and hang it up inside or outside, protecting the floor with newspaper.
  2. Get some brightly coloured paints and use a sponge, spoon, twig or your hand to flick, splatter, or splash paint onto the sheet, creating an original piece of artwork. You can of course use a paintbrush too if you want! 

Support from the Play team

“Children will enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves using different colours and painting techniques. If getting messy isn’t their thing, they could wear some gloves, or create smaller pictures. We use this activity a lot at GOSH with syringes to encourage our patients to be creative and expressive, giving them the space to let out tricky feelings.” 

No Paintbrush, no problem!

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