Dee Without Dum

  • Audio
  • Age 7+
Illustration of Dee and Alice

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GOSH Play team says:

"Creating songs and rhymes is a great way of writing down and expressing tricky feelings. TweedleDee shares with us how tough it is to miss someone and what that feels like - but also the wonder we find through play that helps us cope with that."

Listen to this wonderful new story, read by the marvellously mischievous Matt Lucas!

Hear Tweedledee overcome his worries

Many children have a fear of being alone. In this audiobook, Tweedledum has gone to hospital, leaving Tweedledee alone. Through play, Alice helps Tweedledee to feel better and adapt to change.

Tweedledee is confused and worried about his chum Tweedledum being away in hospital. After convincing him to meet up with friends, Alice proposes a game of musical chairs.

With the music flowing and laughter all around, Tweedledee gradually overcomes his fear and starts to feel better.

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