Meet the Peppy Pals

  • Activity sheet, Video
  • Age 2+
The Peppy Pals playing together

GOSH Play team says:

"Friendships are one of the foremost ways through which we all learn how to support each other through difficult times. For the Peppy Pals, and for every child, play is crucial to how these friendships thrive and grow."

Watch and read with the Peppy Pals, as they learn how to cope with sadness, deal with fear of the unknown and learn how to make friends.

Meet Gabby, Reggy, Izzy, Sammy and Kelly – the Peppy Pals. Whether they’re exploring a museum, playing in the garden or watching a storm, the furry friends face challenges along the way. But they soon discover that when they work together they can cope with any worries.

Watch the videos or download the storybooks to find out how Peppy Pals learn to play together and help each other through difficult times.

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Comforting a friend

Pranking Sammy

Reggy's missing kite

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