The Crocodile Who Didn’t like Water

  • Activity sheet
  • Age 7+
Illustration from the play activity

This activity helps with:

The GOSH Play team says:

"What things can you do really well? It’s about the little things that make up the big wins and we aren’t designed to be good at everything! Use this activity to explore your child's amazing hidden talents, and to celebrate them".

Feeling different to friends or family might make your child worried or sad.

Making us special

Play can be a powerful way to show children how their differences are to be celebrated.

None of us is good at everything, but we all have something that makes us special – just like the crocodile in Gemma Merino’s book The Crocodile Who Didn’t like Water!

To help your child remember what their own set of unique talents are, follow the play activity below and assist them in creating a wonderful box of talents.

Download the activity sheet to get started. If you don’t have a copy of the book you could see if your local library has one in stock. If they don’t, you can ask them to order one in for you. The activity sheet can be lots of fun without the book, too.