PhD studentships

Awards made in 2015–2016

Student Supervisor Total Project title
Veronica Pini Professor Francesco Muntoni £72,258 Development of new gene therapy approaches to correct the genetic defects causing muscular dystrophy
Sara Campinoti Professor Neil Sebire and Dr Paola Bonfanti £72,258 Investing human foetal pancreas development to promote endocrine differentiation in vitro
Victoria Jones Professor Andrew Copp £35,215 Spinal lipoma – clinical biomarkers and developmental mechanisms

Awards made in 2014–2015

Student Supervisor Total Project title
Fabio Tommasini Professor Paolo De Coppi £71,467 Development of a peristaltic tissue engineered oesophagus
Mingyang Lee Dr Wei Li Di £71,467 Mutation‐targeted gene therapy for Keratitis‐Ichthyosis‐Deafness syndrome – proof of concept for topical siRNA delivery
Melisa Riachi Professor Khalid Hussain £71,467 Understanding the genetic mechanisms of diabetes mellitus in children with complex novel syndromes

Awards made in 2013–2014

Student Supervisor Total Project title
Lydia Leon Professor Gudrun Moore £49,800 Elucidation of key biomarkers in common complications of pregnancy
Kayleigh Day Dr Michelle de Haan £35,572 Postnatal brain growth and development of processing speed and executive function in toddlers born preterm
Eduardo Zabala Professor Jane Sowden £21,343 Retinal stem cell therapy: Modulating in miRNAs to generate cone precursors from human pluripotent stem cells
Elhum Shamshiri Professor Helen Cross £35,572 Understanding blood flow changes preceding epileptic events in children
Tim Tierney Professor Chris Clark £35,572 Graph theoretical measure of brain disconnection in children with epilepsy
Oleksandr Nychyk Professor Andrew Copp £35,572 Identifying the genetic basis of severe human spina bifida