Impact of the centre

The ground breaking new centre will allow us to do more for children with rare diseases, saving lives through more accurate diagnosis and better therapies that will be tailored to each individual child in a personalised approach to treatment.

The centre will utilise recent advances in science and technology to offer new hope to the thousands of children and their families diagnosed with rare diseases. Bringing knowledge, technology and patients together in one place will accelerate the bench-to-bedside process of developing new treatments.

The centre will give our medical and scientific experts the facilities and access to patients they need to:

  • understand and read genetic codes more quickly
  • develop gene and cell therapies to treat genetic conditions
  • use stem cells to regenerate organs or tissues
  • manufacture medical devices.

It will be a catalyst for global collaboration and unique national and international partnership opportunities. Research completed in the centre could also unlock invaluable treatments for more common and adult diseases, on a worldwide scale. 

Most importantly, it will bring breakthroughs and cures for rare diseases closer with every passing day.