Mission statement

The Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children is a dedicated centre of excellence that will allow Great Ormond Street Hospital to further our position as world leaders in developing novel therapies for children with rare diseases.

The Zayed Centre will build on existing strengths to create an outstanding environment for innovative, patient focused research. Outpatient facilities will complete the bench-to-bedside model at the centre.

Researchers at the centre will focus on the genetic basis of rare diseases, translational research and experimental medicine. Discoveries made at the centre will put novel therapies and devices at the heart of Great Ormond Street Hospital's approach to treating children with rare conditions.

"Recent advances in science and technology offer new hope, particularly in the realms of genetics and stem cell therapies. And by bringing this knowledge, the latest technology and patients together under one roof we hope the work taking place in the Zayed Centre for Research will allow us to make breakthroughs and develop cures for rare diseases quicker than ever before, giving children everywhere the chance of a longer and fuller life.” 

Professor Bobby Gaspar, Director Designate for the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Diseases in Children