Collections not only help to raise vital funds – they create awareness of our important work to create a better future for seriously ill children. Your small change can make a big difference to the patients and families at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Home collection boxes

Home collection boxes are great for collecting loose change around the house. If you’re organising a fundraising event like a dinner or a quiz, why not put one of these on each of the tables to encourage people to donate their spare change?

Put your pennies to good use and order a collection box today. 

Collection tins

We are out of stock of countertop collection tins, and at the moment we only have home collection boxes. We expect a new order to arrive at the end of February. 

Order a collection tin

Last year, collection tins in shops, offices and other local businesses helped us to raise over £70,000.

When ordering your collection tin, please remember:

  • If you work at the organisation, provide the organisations’ address, and not your home address.
  • If you don’t personally work at the organisation, ask a member of staff to complete the form so we can be sure that they’re happy to display a collection tin.
  • The location where the tin is being held is responsible for the collection and transferring any money to the charity. Our tins have chains on them so that it can be securely fixed, and each is individually numbered

If you’re holding a fundraising event, please order a home collection box or a collection bucket. Our collection tins are designed to be used at fixed locations in offices and at shop till points.

Is your workplace looking for your next charity of the year? We’d love to talk to you about all the great events you could do to support us! No matter if you’re a small or large business, your support makes all the difference to thousands of patients each year. Give our Community Fundraising team a ring on 020 3841 3179 or email us on to talk about your plans. 

Collection buckets

Bucket collections are a really simple and effective way to raise money at an event or out in public, for example at a local shopping centre.

Organising your public collection

There are some regulations all charities need to follow when a fundraiser collects money in public. If you’d like to collect in public for us, a member of our Community Fundraising team will be happy to discuss your collection with you.

Once you’ve been in touch with us, please have a look at our helpful guide bucket collection tips (365.56 KB) to help get you on your way! 

Collecting at a private event, such as a party or school fair

We’re happy to send you out a GOSH bucket if you’re collecting money at your own event. To order your materials, please get in touch with us by email or phone. 

Paying in your collection money

You can pay in any money you've collected online by clicking the button

Pay in money

Other ways to pay in your collection money

  • Make a cheque payable to ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’ and send it to: Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, 40 Bernard Street, London, WC1N 1LE. Please attach a note with your contact details and your supporter number.
  • Make bank transfer either online or by going to your local bank (please email or call 020 3841 3131 for our details).
  • Pay over the phone by credit or debit card. Please call us on 020 3841 3131 and one of the team will be able to take your card payment.