About the Tick Tock Club

The Tick Tock Club at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity was set up in 2006. It brings together individuals, trusts, foundations and companies, who are passionate about children’s healthcare and wish to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of children across the UK and beyond.

With the help of the club, Great Ormond Street Hospital was able to unveil the new Morgan Stanley Clinical Building in June 2012. 

Within the new building, which forms the first half of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre, the new wards offer a modern and spacious environment for families and staff. These are factors that play a vital role in delivering world-class care for children.

The Tick Tock Club specifically helped to fund:

The Wolfson Heart and Lung Centre

The new Wolfson Heart and Lung Centre is spread across three floors and includes: 

  • Walrus Ward, which carries out clinical investigations for the hospital and contains diagnostic facilities, including the Lung Function Unit, Cardiac Day Care Unit and ECHO/ECG Unit.
  • Flamingo Ward, which is the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit providing specialised care for patients from birth to 19 years.
  • Bear Ward, which provides specialist care for cardiac patients. Some children stay after surgery and others attend for assessment and non-surgical management.

The British Kidney Patient Association Children’s Kidney Centre

The new British Kidney Patient Association Children’s Kidney Centre on Eagle Ward provides care for children with renal problems  such as kidney failure, as well as for patients on dialysis or those having a transplant.

A message from our patron

Gary Lineker

Thanks to the commitment of Tick Tock Club, we have now raised more than £20 million to give the world-class staff the facilities they need to carry on with their life-saving work. We have made an inpatient stay for a child and their family as comfortable, dignified and 'normal' as it can be. Through our joint efforts, we have made a difference to their lives and ensured the continued success of a wonderful children’s hospital.  

Far from resting on our laurels, I urge everyone to consider joining me and Club Chairman Grahame Chilton in our next challenge. Thousands of children visit the hospital from all over the country to have essential surgery. Often these are life-saving operations that cannot be carried out anywhere else in the UK. Some children will need a lifetime of care, and to visit the hospital throughout their childhood so that their quality of life can be improved by the skills of the surgical team.  

Within the second part of the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre, the hospital aims to bring together the children who need surgery in a modern, purpose-built surgery centre. Browsing the rest of this website you will realise, as I did, just how much this project needs our support and how, once again, Tick Tock Club members have an opportunity to come together and make a significant difference to the lives of our sickest children.

Gary Lineker OBE
Patron, the Tick Tock Club